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The Galileo CC-2800 is mounted on an Altitude Azimuth yoke mount. It's easy use up and down left and right movement is great for beginners and casual star gazers alike. Terestrial viewing is extremely easy due to the included 45° diagonal which produces a totally erect image. The Mount features a slow motion alitude adjustment rod for precision adjustments and is attached to a very sturdy fully adjustable pre-assembled metal tripod with retractable rubber feet. The telescopes optical tube assembly is finished out with a 360° rotating focus housing for the ultimate in convenience and usability.The Galileo CC-2800 optical tube assembly features a 800mm focal length. The objective lens is an 60mm two element achromat (color correct crown & flint) air spaced objective lens. The tube itself is aluminum painted flat black internally and fully baffled for excellent visual and CCD imaging. The objective is fully multi-coated and has a resolving power of 1.9 arc seconds. The optical tube assembly is diffraction limited at λ4 (1/4 wave in Sodium light). The diagonal consists of a 45° Schmidt prism that is fully coated in Magnesium Fluoride (refractive index: n = 1.38). The finderscope is Galileo’s Mars’ Eye electronic Finderscope which helps by getting the observer behind the telescope without losing the surrounding field of view when targeting objects. Included with the CC-2800 are a 6mm eyepiece (52° apparent field of view) a 20mm eyepiece (52° apparent field of view) and a 3 element 3x Barlow.800mm x 60mm Optical Tube AssemblyDiffraction limited Optical Tube Assembly (λ4)Altitude Azimuth Yoke MountSlow Motion Altitude Adjustment RodFully Adjustable Pre-assembled Metal Tripod w/Accessory TrayGalileo Mars Eye Electronic Finderscope.965″ 360° Rotating Metal Focuser.965″ 20mm Eyepiece.965″ 6mm Eyepiece3 Element 3x BarlowGalileo Planetarium CD-ROM w/Instructional Telescope TutorialOne Year Warranty

USD 89.99