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Hit what you're aiming at!Hit your target every time with Bushnell's 3-9x50mm Elite 3200 riflescope with Rainguard matte finish and FireFly reticle!The Elite 3200 offers multi-coated optics for generous light transmission and crisp image quality. And its patented Rainguard lens coating defeats moisture to produce a remarkably clear image - even in wet weather.Also exclusive is Bushnell's revolutionary FireFly reticle. This patented technology illuminates the crosshairs so you can be sure of your aiming point. After a quick 10-second flashlight charge the FireFly reticle glows green so can see the crosshairs against your target and be assured of complete accuracy.Sturdily constructed with a rugged one-piece aluminum tube the Elite 3200 3-9x50mm scope is crafted to rigorous standards and recoil tested to 1000 rounds. The 3200 can take it. And keep coming back for more!High-performance featuresRainguard coatings;Multi-coated optics;Magnum recoil-proof construction;One-piece hammer-forged tube;100 percent waterproof/fog-proof/shock-proof;Nitrogen filled;1/4 M.O.A. or finer fingertip audible/resettable windage & elevation adjustment;Elite "bullet-proof warranty"No questions asked one-year replacement warranty (U.S. only).When you get the shot of a lifetime don't hesitate. Take the shot in confidence with Bushnell's 3-9x50mm Elite 3200 riflescope with matte finish and FireFly reticle!Rainguard Bushnell's permanent patented hydrophobic (water-repellant) lens coating prevents fogging by causing condensation from rain sleet snow or even your own breath to bead up into much smaller droplets than you'll find on standard coatings. Smaller droplets scatter less light producing a clearer brighter view. With Rainguard the hunter won't miss the shot of a lifetime because of rain or accidental breathing on an eyepiece.For lens-cleanliness in the field consider pre-moistened lens towelettes.

USD 279.00